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Due to work events/hours and just not wanting to deal with the dogs freaking out each time the doorbell rings, we do not partake in too many Halloween activities. However, that doesn’t mean we are totally amused by the creative costumes that we see, especially of course canine-costumes. Here are some of our favorites:






A walk in the woods

Here in the sunshine state, we love this time of year because for a few glorious days we get a break from the unbearable heat. When those days arrive we try to take full advantage.  Today was one of those days. We woke up to a chilly (for us) 48 degrees and the expended high is 75 and no rain in sight!

We decided to take the kids to the Silver River State Park just up the road from our house.  The park has a few hiking trails that are perfect for the pooches.

We loaded up the kids for the short ride.  Toni and Otis are backseat drives and Penny prefers the view from the front seat.

OtisToni Penny

dogs 060   

After a few family photos by the entrance (with the help of a friendly couple walking by) we started off on the first trail – The River Trail.  This trail is 1.3 miles long with the halfway point at a canoe/kayak launch site. A perfect spot for the dogs to rest and Jeff got to chatting with a man about the history of the area.

dogs 068 
side note: notice Jeff is wearing his Georgia shirt and I’m wearing my Florida shirt –sadly Georgia beat Florida last night 😦

dogs 065dogs 073
After a quick pit stop for the dogs to get some water, we started on the second trail – The Swamp Trail. This trail is 1.9 miles and has a beautiful boardwalk overlooking the Silver River.

dogs 084 dogs 076 dogs 082

In past trips we have seem monkeys swinging from the trees across the river. No such luck today. The only wildlife we saw was a small snake that Penny and I walked right over without even seeing before Jeff pointed it out!

The park also has 2 other hiking trails, a bike trail, and a campground with cabins/campsites available for rent.

On the way home it was clear we did a good job of wearing the kids out. Otis was down for the count immediately, Toni took a few minutes to settle down, and Penny curled up to nap in my lap.

They have pretty much slept for the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow is Halloween and we have a Haunted House in our neighborhood, even the screams and sirens didn’t bother them.