In the Dog House

The only dog I have ever lived with that liked being in a dog-house is Otis.  He likes to hang out in it when the weather is hot, the grass is too wet, or he just wants some alone time!  We actually bought our dog house for Toni, well before Otis was a part of the family. I don’t remember Toni ever going in the dog-house and Penny has never had any interest. So it is officially “Otis’ House”.

The dog house is old, stained, and the color is muted from the sun, but he loves it. I love watching him run into it, circle a few times, and then plopping down with his head sticking out. Too cute!

 1_8_12 061 1_8_12 062  1_8_12 064 1_8_12 065Penny, does use the dog-house for a much different use. She likes to perch on top of it to get a better view of the yard.  She also will jump on top and look in the window where Jeff and I sit to eat breakfast. She’ll sit there and stare at us thru the window letting us know she wants to come in.

scanned Picture 059 


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  1. I think this house needs to be converted into a tri-plex. Dad

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