Dogs can sell anything!

It is great to have a competitive well-match Super Bowl, but the commercials are the real reason many (including myself) watch the big game. 

Did you noticed how many dogs appeared in the Super Bowl commercials this year? There were a few standouts that had Jeff and I laughing out loud . . .

Sketchers had a creative ad featuring a super fast Bulldog, here’s Mr. Quiggly:

Apparently Sketchers is getting some slack by an  animal advocate group that is protesting them claiming they are glorifying dog racing and have started on online petition.   I’m just thrilled that Sketchers chose a bulldog over Kim Kardashian!

Volkswagen had a cute idea with “Bolt the Dog” getting into shape, however I think the Star Wars reference at the end kind of ruined it. I’d rather seen more of Bolt:

This one is a much better Star Wars based option from Volkswagen that they aired for a few weeks before the Super Bowl as a teaser:

There were several other commercials that either featured dogs or at least had them in the background. The BEST ad by far was Bud Light introducing us to “Weego”.  Weego is a rescue dog featured in their newest ad.  Weego now has a large following, if you visit Bud Light’s facebook page and LIKE them they are donating $1 for each like up to $250,000 to ARF (Animal Rescue Fund).

CLICK HERE to see Bud Light’s Facebook page.

The game was good, Madonna was fierce (if that is what 50 looks like, I can’t wait to get there), but the commercials were the stand out especially those featuring our furry friends.



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