Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Weekend with Samson

Our friends have had a couple of beautiful Mastiff’s over the years.  We have had the pleasure of dog-sitting every so often. 

Their new addition is Samson:

Meet Samson!

Isn’t he just too cute! I can’t wait to see him in several months when he grows into those big feet.

We got to spend a rainy weekend with him recently.  I expected that Penny and him would have a ball – not so much Smile  I think Penny was a bit intimidated by Samson’s high-energy fun.

Although it rained a lot, we still had a great time and had some very tired pups.  Of course I had to have the camera ready to catch all the fun .. here’s Samson:

Samson meeting Toni  Tony and Samson  Playing with Penny

Running on Deck  Hello friend!  Penny and Samson

Hi Toni!  Samson and ToniNap Time! 

Chew toy  Hanging out 

Tired!  Hanging out with Jeff

All ready too big!  Look at that face!