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Here is a bit of information about who we all are . . .

The Humans . . Jeff and Brenda

We met in 1998, married in 2006, started this blog in 2011. . .
. . . enough about us, lets introduce the lead characters, the kids

aka: “The Pretty One”, “Toni-Bologna”

Toni is our first dog-child.  She wandered (or perhaps was dropped off) onto our friends property in February of 2003. With no identification or any hint as to where she came from.  At the time our friends had a few dogs of their own and weren’t looking to add to the family. They posted a “found dog” listing in the area and no one responded. After a short amount of time they asked if we would like to have her … our super fast response was “yes”! She joined our family on Valentines weekend. Toni was a mischievous puppy! She often dug or jumped out of the backyard and loved to chew up furniture and any toy we gave her no matter how “indestructible” it claimed to be. Toni is sweet, playful, and beautiful.

aka: “The Cute One”, “Penny-Pooper”, “Widdle Dog”

Penny is the only dog we paid for . . . the best $30 we ever spent!!  Penny’s mom was found on the side of a road when she was pregnant in November 2004. Her litter included 2 males and 2 females. The puppies were posted on Petfinder and Brenda saw the information within an hour of it being posted and called immediately. She was able to get the pick of the litter! Penny’s name when she was adopted was “Reese’s Pieces” (the whole litter was named after candy). “Penny” seemed a much better fit for her.  She is the sweetest most loveable dog around.  Although she is small, she plays big! We have to force her to stop chasing her tennis and racquet balls in order to have her catch her breath. If allowed she would run all day. But, when it comes time to wind down you cannot find a better snuggles then Penny. Penny is also our alarm clock. She wakes us up each and every morning with a lick on the face and will not let us sleep in if she has anything to say about it.

aka: “The Good One”, “Otie-Bodie”

Everyone loves Otis! He is the best! We are not quite sure what Otis’ history is, but he has sure come quite a long way. Otis was hanging around our neighborhood in fall of 2007. A neighbor had been feeding him and he spent some time at a nearby gas station. Eventually he found his way to our house. He had some pretty bad skin issues and seemed to be on the thin side.  He spend a few nights sleeping outside out front door until we decided to take him to our vet to get him checked out.  The vet diagnosed his dermatitis and double ear infections. During the visit they discovered he had a microchip. The chip had a phone number from Oklahoma! We tried calling it and it was a disconnected number. The vet then asked what we wanted to do with him. Needless to say Otis then became our first dog-son. He is quite low-key and tends to take some time when faced with making a decision (in other words, Otis can be a bit slow). You can not find a better friend, human or canine, than Otis.


Thanks for visiting our blog! Hope you enjoy!

Our Family


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  1. Brenda, Very nice blog or job. Hope you have a nice following. You have unlimited talents. Love, Dad

    1. Thank you! So glad you are following along with our crazyness. Happy Thanksgiving!

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