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Doggie Décor: Holiday Edition 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … “

My family always had a live tree for the holidays.  I can clearly remember going to the big white tent where the trees were standing, line after perfect line.  Big trees, small trees, full trees, skinny trees.  The smell was intoxicating.   After going our separate ways we would point out a tree to Dad and Mom and ask, “how ‘bout this one?” 

It had to be the perfect size, no holes in the branches, the needles had to be not too soft and not too pointy, and you had to give the tree a good shake to make sure it wasn’t loosing its needles prematurely.  After a very thorough inspection by the family and a final seal of approval from Mom, the tree would be ours. 

Fast forward to current time, we now have a small artificial tree that sits in the corner of our Dinning/Family room, with a soft glow and just a few hand picked ornaments.  I do miss having a “real” tree this time of year.  However, the artificial version is a good choice because we don’t have to worry about the dogs drinking the tree water and/or eating the needles. 

A week or so ago Jeff got the decorations down from the attic.  After choosing the items I wanted to use (I do things a little differently each year) I got to work adding a little holiday cheer to our home.

Of course, the dogs are taken into account when it comes time to decorating.  We do have touches of doggie décor throughout out home, and the holidays are just an excuse to add some more.

This year I purchased some new stockings (super cheep at the dollar store) because I was getting board with our old ones. 

I wanted to keep our mantel in the green/gold color scheme.  This is the initial mantel after I first put our items together …


It was ok but needed a bit more personality.  I grabbed some felt and a pair of sharp scissors and got to work.  With Penny as my helper, I printed out an image of each dog, placed it over the felt and cut out the silhouette. 


I used some gold glitter paint to write their names …


and some fabric glue to attach the cutouts to the stockings …


While doing my quick holiday arts and crafts, I some some helpers …


Here are some other Doggie Décor items we have in our home this year. ..


The house feels so much more cozy when the decorations are out.  I can almost understand why some families decorate so early in the year (you know who you are!).  It’s kind of sad when it comes time to pack up and put everything away. 

We hope you are having a joyous holiday season!