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Downward Dog

Good bye November – Hello December!

So I’m starting my resolutions early this year. One item on my list is to get back into doing yoga on a regular basis. I love how it relaxes me, helps keep me focused, and my arms need some toning up as well! 

I have practiced yoga on and off for many years.  The last year or so the only yoga I have done is at home using DVD’s, the Wii (I know that doesn’t really count), or by watching free On Demand videos.  I like it, but I much prefer to be in a class setting with other like-minded people to push me along. 

There really is not anything better than the feeling after an awesome yoga session.  Jeff even has gotten into it by doing the P90X “Yoga-X” DVD. 

When I do yoga at home, I do have some other participants that like to join in.  The pups always seem to gather around and help bring some calmness to the room! Penny, especially, likes to join me.  She will lie next to or under me during certain poses. She is very Zen!

The quality is not good but here are some photos of Penny and I doing some “om’s” with Toni and Otis chillin’ out as well.  Penny is such a good dogi! (doggie + yogi = dogi) 🙂

scanned Picture 457  scanned Picture 456

There are several Doga classes being offered around the country (Yoga with Dogs = Doga). I wish there was a class near us, Penny would be a natural.

Each morning I try to get a picture of her doing her morning stretches – she of course does a perfect Downward-Facing Dog and Upward-Facing Dog pose.  So far I haven’t been able to get the camera fast enough.

Apparently dogs don’t like to get their poses on camera, because I could not find many images online.  But I did find photographer Dan Borris’s super cute website where he sells his Yoga Dog (and cat) books and calendars. Too funny!

Yoga Dogs Book

A new yoga studio has recently opened in our town that has classes by donation only, no membership!  I’m off to give it a try this evening.



Bike Run!

The dogs LOVE to go on a bike ride with Jeff when the weather isn’t too hot. Today was a prefect day to get the helmet out and go for a spin. Each dog rides for about 20 minutes.

Toni of course went first (as always). Toni is able to keep a steady pace for about 90% of the run.

dogs11.6 007

Otis was second in line. His ride is about the same amount of time as the others, but he doesn’t cover as much ground as Toni or Penny.

dogs11.6 010

And then there’s Penny. She goes full speed for the entire ride!

dogs11.6 013

While Jeff is out on the ride I get to try and keep the other 2 from busting out of the house while they are waiting for their turn.

dogs11.6 012 dogs11.6 008 dogs11.6 011

After a great bike ride, Toni loves to relax by watching a little TV and hanging out with her Mom . .
dogs11.6 004dogs11.6 005