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Wordless Wednesday: Vet Trip

penny vet

penny vet 3

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peny at vet

penny vet home


The Digging-est Dog

Did you ever read the story “The Digging-est Dog” as a child? . .  or perhaps as an adult!?

diggingest dog

The story is told in the voice of the dog. In the story a boy named Sam adopts the dog from a pet store and names him Duke.  Duke had never been out of the pet store and was beyond excited to be free. He loved running around Sam’s farm.

However the other dogs that Duke met poked fun at him because he didn’t know how to dig, he had never learned how. In the end Duke learns to dig too well and gets into trouble. Its a great story about forgiveness and friendship.  I wish I had a copy right now to read!

I was thinking of this book today because I walked out into the backyard and saw this . . .


Penny has decided she is now a digger. Great, like our yard isn’t a mess already!  The other two dig as well and have a lovely “hole” next to the shed that they love to get in when it is hot. I was certainly annoyed, but she looks so darn proud of herself!

To anyone who may read this, I hope you had a great weekend and did something you are proud of!



Happy Birthday Penny

My baby is 7 years young today! Happy Birthday to the best dog in the whole world! (except for Toni and Otis of course)


Picked up a hitchhiker

(warning semi-gross pictures ahead)

Remember our walk in the woods from Sunday? Well I discovered today we took home more than great memories!

While giving Penny a well deserved belly scratch I saw a ring of red and a black spot in the middle on her lower belly. After further investigation I saw a tick! ick!

Penny tick  Penny tick

Ticks are pretty prominent in our area especially this time of year.  So, after my grossed-out-ness subsided I made a call to … no not the vet… my husband. For some reason whenever anything odd happens I assume he will have all the answers (and he usually does).

I couldn’t remember the proper way to remove a tick. Do you yank it out with tweezers?  Freeze it with an ice-cube?  something about the head of the tick?

So after speaking with Jeff my plan of action was to get our sharpest, most pointy tweezers, a washcloth, and peroxide, and then I went in for the “kill”. Penny of course was a trooper.  The tick was moving its legs a bit – super gross, and seemed pretty big to me. Per Jeff’s instructions I grabbed the head and tried to pull it out in one piece with the hopes of removing the head entirely, but of course that didn’t happen.

That sucker wasn’t going anywhere! After several pulls the body came off with the head still embedded in her. Great.  I cleaned the area and tried several times to get the head out. After about 3 to 5 minutes I determined that it wasn’t coming out and/or I’m an idiot who is incapable of saving my dogs life – yes I tend to overreact to these things.

So now I make another phone call, this time to our vet. The receptionist/tech at our vet’s office is great. I have called several times over the years and she is always knowledgeable and reassuring. She verified the type of flea meds Penny is on and made sure we had been giving them regularly. She determined that due to the meds (which include tick protection) that Penny should be ok and that sometimes the head can get embedded in and will work its way out in a day or 2. She said to keep an eye on it and call back if any concerns arose. So I call Jeff with an update and put him on tick inspection for the other dogs this evening.

Poor Penny, she is getting quite annoyed with me flipping her over to check her belly – she would much prefer I just give her that belly rub that started this whole thing.


update: Jeff was able to remove the tick head and he found another one!!! The other dogs are clean and we are spraying our yard just to be sure. Penny is doing great.

Click here for info on ticks and dogs