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Found! … x3

Over the last month we have had 3 lost dog experiences.  Since our adventure with Rudy a few months back, we were prepared to take on the responsibility of trying to locate these wandering pups families.

The first lost dog we encountered was hanging out in our garage one afternoon.  Jeff came home and said “there’s a dog in the garage” – how our dogs didn’t know he was there is a mystery.  He was very friendly and did not have an ID tag on him.  He did not look familiar to us as a dog we often see around the neighborhood, so I decided to go see if he had a microchip.  I called ahead to our vet to let them know we were coming because it was close to their closing time.  Luckily he did have a chip!! After a few phone calls and a shocked dog-mom we were able to reunite “Kent” and his family.  They think he got out from an unlocked doggie door during the storm we had earlier that day. Here’s Kent on the way to the vet:


Next, came “Marley” (no picture Sad smile).  I was on my way to the office when I saw a beautiful chocolate lab walking down our street.  I drove up and pulled over and he came right up to me a licked my hand!  Marley was very tired, it was a hot day and it looked like he had been wondering for awhile.  Luckily Marley had a collar and ID tag!  His tag had his name, phone number and address. Kudos to Marley’s family!  However, the phone number was no longer a working number.  I looked at the address and realized he lived just one street over.  I drove over to the house but no one was home.  Thankfully the neighbor across the street knew where Marley’s Dad worked.  He was able to call him and offered to watch Marley until he came home from work.  Another happy reunion!

Finally, we met “Furby”.  Last Friday Jeff was taking our dogs out for a nice long walk.  Shortly after he left my phone rang.  Instantly I thought something awful had happened.  He was calling to let me know he had come across a small lost dog and asked if I would drive over to help.  I drove over to see a very cute, very fluffy, very dirty pup.  He did have a collar under all his fur, but there was no ID tag.  It was about 6:45pm so I knew I couldn’t take him to the vet to see if he had a microchip.  Jeff and the dogs walked around the neighborhood asking if anyone knew of a missing dog. I drove around the neighborhood with the lost dog and knocked on a few doors.  After an hour or so it started to get dark and we had no luck finding his home. The dog was an un-neutered Pomeranian, and we knew he had to be someone’s special pet. We decided to go back home, get him cleaned up, fed him, and had a sleepover.  He slept under our bed and besides a few “marking his territory” incidents, he has a well behaved dog. 

First thing the next morning I brought him to our vet, but they could not find a chip.  We were completely sure he would have had one.  I had a work event to go to until noon, then went back home, took a few pictures of him to make a flyer.  I placed an ad to our local online classifies as well.  I them drove him over to the humane society to drop off the flyer.  When I got there, I asked if they would go ahead a check for a chip just in case. After 3 tries they did find a chip!  Apparently it was hard to locate under all of his fur.  They also looked in their log of recent reports of missing animals.  Sure enough his description was there.  The staff tried a few times to call his owner but the voicemail was full and we could not leave a message.  I took him back home and the staff said they would continue to try and reach them.  After a few hours I was able to get the owners contact info before the humane society closed, I sent a text message to her and a few minutes later she called back. 

After matching the dogs description, we gave her our address and within minutes “Furby” was reunited with his mom.  Here’s some pictures of our day with Furby:



For some reason the lost dogs is our neighborhood tend to find us.  We are happy to do what we can to help them get back home.  If one of ours ever got lost we would hope for someone to do the same for us.  During this latest Found dog episode, Jeff came up with a great idea for a product.  Stay tuned, details to follow … someday!